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Originally Posted by JM View Post
Firstly--God chose the Jewish Race as a vehicle to become flesh on earth because it was not spiritually and physically tainted by bad blood--Nephilim ect. The second question should be self-explanatory. The Jewish people of today have pretty much the same genetics as 2000 years ago. Sure there are exceptions but the Jewish race has maintained it's purity over all the century's. Remember--even the Old Testament prophets predicted the return of the Jewish people to their land of Israel in the latter days. That prediction is VERY important--it explains why the Jewish people have been subjected to such terrible things in history. Satan tried his hardest with his buddy's Adolf Hitler and Islam to eradicate the Jews and stop God's plan. Satan has a greater hate for the Jewish people and his hate is displayed today by many people. It is a blindness that is hard to overcome. Studying the Bible will remove the blinders for many.
I believe you are mistaken, Jews are not a race but a religion. They are held together by the words of god in the old testament and their faith in them. Just as Christians are not all of one race and believe in God's words in the new testament and have faith in them. A religion is how faithfully you follow gods words and if you haven't committed to those words you don't really believe them.

Just opinion but gods words are not a man made religion or concept, they are reality.
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