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Originally Posted by bubbagump View Post
Results matter,
Yes they do.

We won nothing in Iraq and made them best buddies with Iran.
We won nothing in Libya and flooded Europe with muslims.
We won nothing in Syria and made Russia, Syria, Iran, Hezzbolla and Iraqi Shia militias a winning alliance.
16 years in Afghanistan, won nothing and muzzies will be winning that too.
Our lumpy and financially shaky Saudi pals attacked Yemen and gotten entangled in a quagmire they will never win.

And a handful of 9-11 muzzies on a shoestring budget caused us to piss away $trillions.
^ That is a lot of results.

Now it looks like Iran has given us notice to get out of Syria.
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Sends Formal Message To US Military: Leave Syria Or Else

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