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Originally Posted by yellowhand View Post
ALL land, EVERYWHERE belongs to those that can take and hold it.

Why should it be any different there????
This is true.
Now 'splain why the United States should be financing this. Why in the world would we get involved in something that has and will continue to endanger U.S. lives?

If Israel is the lone powerhouse nation in the ME, why on earth do they need our support? Why would a politician allegedly loyal to US citizens vote to send American dollars and military support to a nation that needs no help?

Well, maybe it's AIPAC, maybe it's brainwashing from the pulpit, maybe it's strongarm tactics by foreign thugs with seedy pics for blackmail, perhaps well-heeled banksters paying for hookers?

Lotsa less-than -sole U.S. supporters are cheering this on as a great and prophetic move. When the feces hits the fan, I'm sure they'll be gearing up and getting on a plane to go defend God's chosen people. (my thought is that the God that created earth and man can defeat whomsoever He chooses, without our help)
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