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Made good progress over the last few days despite the thunder bumpers rolling through.

Epoxy and 1708 cloth laid down in the floatation chamber, looks really nice too!
This area will get painted with Total Boat Epoxy bilge paint. Epoxy to epoxy, what can go wrong? All amine blush, sticky stuff, has been removed and I will wash it down again just to make sure before I apply the paint. There are two drains on each side of the splash well for the transom area that go directly to the bilge, one inboard and one out board on each side.

I used polyester resin over the floatation foam to seal the storage compartment. Polyester resin works great for sealing the pour in floatation foam. This area will get painted with Trulux Bilgekote, a very nice resilient bilge paint.
I have used this on all undersides of the decking with no issues with polyester resin like bubbling or lack of adhesion. Drys rock hard and slick as mole fur. An aluminum floor plate goes inside to cover the bottom and will be sealed 360 degrees with 3M 4200UV caulking. There are two drains, one fore and one aft, each that go directly to the bilge in the two storage compartments.

I got the tie down/tow eyes put in today! 4x5x3/8” aluminum backing plate inside 4x2x1/4” aluminum plate on the outside. I bedded the inside plate with thickened epoxy “peanut butter” so the surface is in 100% contact with the epoxied transom. Cinched down tight with 10 mm nylock nuts. This is a bit over kill but what the hell, better too much than not enough. The penetrations are all sealed with 3M 4200 UV caulking. No water will be getting in past these guys.

Tomorrow I paint if the weather is good.

Note1, All white spots under the glass is cured 3M 4200UV caulking not air bubbles. The purpose of the epoxy is for water proofing not so much for strength but it will do that too.
Note 2, Fiberglass resin once set does not brush out of your hair.
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