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Beautiful day today!

Had a really nice sunny beautiful day and I took full advantage of it to make progress on the boat.
I got two coats of epoxy resin put on today over the two coats of penitrating epoxy resin I put on the exposed transom wood surfaces last week. I still need to paint it but that has to wait for another good day like today which looks like maybe next week. Thunderstorms and rain in general is in the forecast for the remainder of the week throughout the weekend. Lots of detail work got accomplished today as well, too numerous to list but it all moved me forward in this seemingly never ending project.

I am ever so glad that I started this boat work last summer because I am not getting any younger and some of it is not exactly easy. All the climbing up and down, running around, searching for tools I just used five minutes ago is wearing this old man out big time. Lucky that I am still in decent shape for a 68 year old. Many guys after they retire get fat and sloppy but I am losing weight and far from sloppy. All the thought and research involved takes a lot out of you too so it’s not all physical effort.

If deferred gratification while working toward a goal is noteworthy I will just have to say I am deffering the hell out of sitting on my ass holding a fishing pole.

If anyone is thinking about doing something similar be sure to get up with me because I can save you a butt load of money so you don’t waste it with trial and error mistakes like I did. Some products in general are defiantly better than others for certain applications. Epoxy and polyester resins and glass cloth is a case in point. The stuff I am using is commercial grade materials and better than the stuff you get at Home Depot. Not any more expensive just better along with all the professional help and advice you need. I get all my fiberglass supply’s from an outfit called

That is all for today.
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