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I literally have zip compared to back in the day. All of my vaults were "paved" with a layer of 100 ounce bricks like a brick paver patio. When market peaked having to empty the vaults to get to the silver sucked but sold every last brick. Have two sources, one that does small amounts out of his truck up to 100 ounces of silver and 12 ounces of gold usually U.S. Mint fractional sizes and sells for 5% over spot and buys at 5% under and never hoards. Thus he is always turning 10% with no overhead and makes a good living off the books.

My other vendor is the "largest jewelry store in Georgia" and done business with them since owners dad had just a decent pawn shop near my business. The son carried it to the big leagues and has stores all over the southeast. For most he buys at 10% under and sells at 10% over spot but I 5% as he knows I can funnel it slowly at that through my other "guy" plus we have done a lot of business over 37 years. Whenever brings in a large "estate buy" gives me a call as only buy older jewelry for my ol lady. Also have a jewelry store in Dahlonega where we buy estate pieces and have custom stuff made.

My ex-wife liked new bling that wasn't "used". Her engagement ring was a round brilliant GIA 1.15k D color, VVS/IF borderline clarity, Ideal Cut set in 18k gold with simple six prong mount to secure it but basically all you saw was stone. She was so ignorant saw a 2.xK marquee cut at Zales in mall and wanted to trade it because her mom had a marquee and was same price told her paid for the 1K round brilliant. Told her the Zales stone if had a GIA report (they didn't) would be more like an H in color, VS clarity and Good cut making it worth at best 1/2 of what was on her hand even though twice the size. Every nice piece I brought in from an estate or pawn shop she refused so finally found a custom jewler that would make the gawdy stuff she liked.

The ol lady told me to take back the 1.25K round brilliant, H color, VVS, Ideal cut offered her as wanted to use her "Grammies" engagement ring which is a near perfect 5/8k round brilliant set in platinum. She hates mall jewelry and hates the mall in general. In 26 years she has been to mall twice. She loves the nice pawn shop and estate finds I drag in and especially the stuff I bring her from trips. Every trip to Peru, Bolivia, western U.S. take without her bring back a trinket. Store in Jackson Hole MT has always had some of the best opals ever seen and I love emeralds and opals if nice. Like my gun collection we could live out a decent retirement on her jewelry boxes and she only wears it when I am with her as feels it makes her a target. She went five years before wore the 11k tennis bracelet and had to fuss to get her to wear it. She has a very rich sister who is a Washington DC lobbyist and thinks we are poor because choose to live in a small house built like Ft Knox. One Christmas got her to wear the bracelet and loaded her down with emeralds and opals which blew her sisters mind. Asked how long she had had, why never seen it and when told her what was wearing was tip of the iceberg she was jealous for second time in their adult lives.

Bullion means little to me now. Our money is no longer on the gold standard and they keep printing more every day. Really is nothing but wallet size photos of dead Presidents. Bitcoin is amazing. I still don't really understand it but because am a geek and real early when Kevin Mitnick and some other super geeks were blogging about it invested a small amount into it and am stunned at its value, ease to secure and transfer plus even the Ferrari dealership takes it. Good as my Black Card. So many people want to run under the radar, hide assets, be secretive and avoid taxes. My CPA's and fax attorney give the government every penny their entitled but no more. Been audited over two dozen times if count Sales & Use Tax, Workman's Comp/Overtime from Dept of Labor, etc at work plus Federal and State IRS. Have survived five Federal audits and three we came out with 100% balance in agreement, other two years got a $184 refund then another $5 refund after the audits. That is spot on, Jesus said "render into Ceasaer" as he asked who's picture was on the money. We pay every dime we are supposed to and as a friend told me once "it costs money to live in the greatest country in the world". When local F.D. was in door of house 4.5 minutes after wife called 911 because of a smoking lamp her dad gave her that set an outlet on fire knew my county taxes were justified as they saved the Ponderosa. When deer ran out in front of my motorcycle and found myself laying in ditch with a tib/fib dual compound spiral fracture and paramedics showed up in under five minutes and were pushing morphine inside of a minute then loaded my @$$ on the wagon, got a port started and dumped morphine two more times on way to the emergency room again my local taxes were money well spent. I want the cops and F.D. to have best equipment on the planet when coming go extract my dumb @$$.

Since hiding it means you throw flags if you spend it I play by the rules. If society breaks down have enough copper jacketed lead and firearms that a little silver and gold won't be a game changer. If society stays glued together can sell off the business some day, wife is already talking about reducing the fleet of Harleys now that prices are easing back up. Will keep at least two till we die even if just use for furniture and has spoke of selling some jewelry though I have been able to talk her down. I did sell too many guns first bout with cancer so now if mention might sell a gun or ten she talks me out of it. We have more than we need or deserve, God has made us stewards over a fair amount of His stuff and we are close to cutting all our heirs out of the wills and leave all but the guns to The Gideons to keep putting Bibles in hotel rooms and around the world in over 200 countries and 90 languages. In the end I have done all I can to prep and figure God has what I missed covered. Hoarding a few more pieces of silver might land me in the potters field with Judas.
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