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Originally Posted by Black Blade View Post
After over 9,000 years of history silver and gold have always held value. If there's an EMP event then the new currency would be tangibles and if there's an economic collapse event then like before precious metals have always held value. The point isn't about zombies or any such crazy weird event but like the most likely events where after the event and rebuilding occurs such as a currency collapse then one's wealth is preserved where as those who saved their currency often found it to be worthless. Precious metals are just one level of the survival pyramid (financial survival).
While sold 85% of my silver and gold during the huge peak a few years ago what I held back will be a decent start if it's needed in a rebuilding/bartering system. I sold all my 10 through 100 ounce silver bars, all my private mint and only kept one ounce and under U.S. Mint issued silver. Kept a supply of U.S. Silver Eagles in 20 count mint packaging along with a fair number of Kennedy dollars, Franklin half dollars and Mercury dimes. If trading "making change" will be difficult and why kept more Franklin Halves than any other as great trading size.

Sold all of my gold mint sets with the full range of sizes from 1/10th, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ounce proof gold in display box plus any non U.S. Mint gold. Kept mostly 1/10th, 1/4 and 1/2 ounce units. Like a 100 ounce bar of silver most can't verify if real and will be few things need bricks to barter with.

Because of the huge number of Hispanics in our area and Hispanic gangs that will be survivers as being members of a Cartel Association will be dangerous to cross and greasing their palms if need would be great to be prepped for without providing them firearms or ammo they may use back against me. Have ten rolls of Mexican Mint one ounce silver rounds. Some of the most attractive silver coins have with their writing on edges to prove not been shaved, way hard to counterfeit also due to edge wording. Also have $500 value U.S. in Canadian and Mexican cash plus $250 value in Guatemalan, Equidorian and Peruvian in case we to migrate north or south. My plan is to bug in but a few bug out preps can't hurt and can always take it all to main branch of my local bank and get current market value in U.S. Dollars. Even have some Euros, Swiss Francs and other Euro currencies where wasn't enough when returned to take to bank and when travel again have a few local bucks in pocket when plane lands.

Originally Posted by Bawana jim View Post
If the country goes into a full panic I believe it will start with inflation first. The ptb if they decided to destroy us will drain everyone's bank accounts first with inflation just like Venezuela. So guess what the market will be for your pms, will you be able to use them as money? Heck I ain't smart enough to figure anything out so my only way to think about things is what would I take for what I have because what ever you sell you may not ever get it again.

We are all pretty much the same people so what will your neighbors sell you for your gold? Would they trust it to be real gold? At what point in the turmoil will people want a gold standard? My last question and I move on. When it all falls what government will be here running the country, China, Mexico, Russia or our own form of communism?
If we have a population cleansing during whatever disrupts our rule of government a lot of people will die. Am somewhat worried that will be so much jewelry in jewelry boxes, on corpses and hoards discovered as homes are looted precious metals will not be of huge value and so few people can value stones they will be worthless as most people can't tell synthetic from real diamonds.

Back when Georgia was raising money to replace to gold leaf on dome of the state capital they were selling commemorative gold coins as part of the money raising effort. They made them in 99% gold and in 24 karat gold plated. All the gold for the dome was mined in Dahlonega (one of only three really valuable numismatic coins still own is a Dahlonega Mint gold piece) and they made a big deal of a horse and mule drawn wagon train wandering around the state taking the gold to Atlanta. I did buy two of the real gold one ounce rounds but none of the plated. As the excitement and new wore off the coins in both pure gold and plated began filling pawn shops. The plated coins that originally sold for $25 (I think) suddenly were everywhere for $10 in their little packages with the tale of Dahlonega gold rush.

I even purchased a couple more of the pure gold as they hit pawn shops and every plated coin that could buy for $10 or less. Purchased 40 of them for $225 from one shop where man came in disgusted that his investment in fake non mint coins didn't take off in value. I have most in plastic sleeves so don't rub together and if hand a real gold and plated gold Dahlonega Commemorative in their hands nine out of ten have to guess which is real as can't tell them apart. I used to deal with three upper class pawn shops almost daily that didn't take VCR's, car stereo, televisions, microwaves, etc as most came with a roach infestation. They specialized in fine guns, nice jewelry, Rolex watches, pawned titles on 7 Series Beemers, etc. Bought wife an 11 karat diamond tennis bracelet from one set in 18k gold, paid $1,800 and the appraiser offered me $2,800 for it as had a client looking for a bracelet like it.

Purchased four of my Springfield SAR 48's from the same guy as well as over 25 to 30 other nice firearms. He had a lady bringing in 22K Saudi gold bangles fairly regularly and we're beautiful. She had an almost endless supply of Saudi gold jewelry. Once I bought all the old lady wanted quit on them and soon she was selling to the other two shops as well. All tested, even sent random samples in for melt and it was all perfect. Completely legit 22k Saudi gold and they hate gold leaving their country. Soon she was selling to every shop in town in small quantities saying had a big shipment coming. Suddenly she was in every shop with as much as they could handle, all acid tested perfectly and the three I used even broke one bangle at ramdom of the big lot in half to make sure we're not being scammed and tested with machines and acid. They were greedy, bought a lot as she was selling for 25% under spot if bought a minimum amount.

She had spent almost a year priming these people who were all high class professionals. Only one jewelry store out of everyone in town and pawn shop in town didn't buy into her 25% off spot if bought X total ounces as X was a big number and he smelled a fish. First ones I handled told store owner didn't ring as clear as the ones I had purchased wife 10 months earlier. Instead of a handful of bangles ringing and made contact with the others they clanged. My favorite vendor immediately sent 1/4 of his buy to a reclaimer on a RUSH to be told when came in tested as 22k gold but when melted turned into some kind of schmeg with just a fraction of real gold content and wasn't even 5k just slightly more gold than gold plated. Someone had come up with a new way to fool the acid test and machines.

Turns out had ladies selling real Saudi gold for almost a year in moderate size, wealthy markets (our county had more millionaires per capita than any county in Georgia at the time) and priming the pump coast to coast then suddenly literally a total of tons of the fake Saudi gold got dumped in course of a week and sellers had fallen off the plamet. Law enforcement told my buddy looked like a plot hatched out of the middle east and all their suspects had gotten on planes and flown back to countries withour extradition within days of the alert on the fake Saudi gold went out. My buddy was tapped for $25,000 and the two other shops I used bought more than he did. Estimates was this one lady passed over a half million in fake gold jewelry in a week. It didn't sound right or look right to me when retailers were showing me their new hoards as all called offering deals on gold before they had it melted. I went home and got five of the bangles bought for wife, they were same size and general style as the fakes but weighed half per piece as were very thin. Color was a tad off and ring was not true. It broke a few shops and hurt many bad.

All I had bought for wife while they were priming pump was perfect and she still loves them when wears jewelry as the color is so true and they sound like music as they hit each other when she moves her arm. Have seen a lot of reproduction coins, fakes, 10k (anything under 14k is not gold as has more alloy material than gold), 12k, 14k, 18k (most of our gold jewelry is 18k for nice color and enough strength doesn't break too easily and use 14k clasps if needs them as 18k clasp breaks too easily and have some 22k. I have five boxes of Swift 23k gold leaf left at work. When Swift's (U.S. gold leaf company back to the revolution) owners kids decided did not want to continue making leaf and told the elder didn't want it he closed the company. Gave us long time customers (I lay a lot of gold leaf and Swift is my favorite) a one year notice and I ordered a dozen boxes to put back. Use whatever current leaf can find on most projects but use the Swift on personal items and for clients willing to pay a 30% premium over current leaf prices. I can lay leaf on a lead ingot and until someone gouges it will not tell it from a gold bar.

Can pour a 100 ounce bar with 1/2 of it lead and unless drill the block in correct spot all the material that comes out would be silver. If drilled where put the lead would be busted and claim ignorance if were a criminal type. Would not even be hard to counterfeit the Englehard mark and serial number on a big block. 100 sealed package one ounce Englehard rectangles would be hard to fake as is U.S. Mint if buyer knows his stuff. Have seen a lot of professionals scammed, especially buying commemorative and private mint bullion. Saw a bunch or one ounce squares with image of a miner stamped and something to do with Colorado Silver once going around that were all fakes. When SHTF I will be using silver and gold if need to barter but believe when all the jewelry boxes and safes of the dead are pilfered it won't be worth near what copper jacketed lead in a brass case will be worth. When sold my bulk off at top of market paid medical bills and bought ammo with the cash. I won't ever be buying bulk again unless dips to $15 or below for silver. It's value is $22 which is cost to mine and refine at present or last I heard, with plenty of cheap fuel and more open mining lands it could be down from that.

Ammo, guns, ammo, food, medicine, ammo, guns, ammo, food, ammo, fuel, armor, night vision, ammo, precious metals, ammo, guns, more medicine, etc is about the importance of hoarding materials along with toilet paper everywhere food and medicine are mentioned. A 100 to 200 ounces of one ounce non U.S. Mint silver will be good for sinkers when you go fishing and melting into bullets. I have alloyed up some fine silver bullets in the past and have one 18k gold 45 acp 200 grain SWC somewhere from playing around when was seriously into making jewelry. Had my own faceting machine and we had a vein of facet grade emerald in western NC alone with all the amithest, garnet and sapphire could use. Was easier to find than gold in Dahlonega without getting shot.
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