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They are fun guns

A few points:

Most of these in the USA were brought in by SARCO when they bought out the Citadel military academy in Cairo Egypt
Some were damn decent but other were toasted up badly. It was common for the Egyptians to manufacture replacement block pins out of rather soft steel

Usually those guns are marked on the barrel knox with Farsi.
Generally most had been reblued at least once.

The other two sources were Canada and New Zealand
The Kiwis had .303 carbines and quite a number of .303 rifles were sold in Canada to militia. The Canuck guns are generally commercial rifles and usually in rather fine condition.

A few came in from India as well.
More recently from Afganistan as well

Pull the block and make sure it's the smaller smokeless FP tip.

As long as the block is right and you have a proper block pivot pin they are perfectly fine to run any .303 ammo through
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