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Something new to watch for

Latest build is a PARA I've had in the works, all the parts are in excellent condition, and NOS. SHould be a nice straight forward build. But this rifle is cursed. So many issues have cropped up.
The issue in particular that may affect others, or at the least be something to watch for is: IMBEL combo device with an undersized bore.
I had just got the barrel shortened, and threaded, and was checking the timing of the combo device when the issue was noticed. The hole was square and the flats were obstructing the bore.
It was so small that a .290" drill bit wouldn't pass through .

I remember inspecting the front end when I got it. It was in nice shape, worn paint and hand guards. I puled the gas plug and piston. They looked brand new,as if they had never been fired.
Now I'll bet it never had been!
Scarry thing is sombody was issues this and his life may have depended onit.

Any way I opened up the flashider bore, and now know to check that a bullet could actually fit.
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