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Re: Handguard rattle (and a headspace question)

Originally posted by deltaheavy
What can be done to tighten up the fit of the handguards to stop them from rattling?
I assume you are talking about steel handguards. You can bend the tab that fits into the retaining ring just a smidge with pliers or a vise. I have used a pair of pliers and two scraps of leather to pad the tabs and just bent the tab a bit on both left and right guards. Trial and error will dictate how much to bend them. Once they fit the retainer snugly, they will not rattle when tightened up with the handguard screw.

If you are talking about fiberglass or plastic handguards, simply apply some layers of tape to the outside of the tab, close enough to the edge that it won't be seen when they are installed.
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