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Finn family portraits

I finally got all my Finn Mosin rifles together for a few photos. All of the M39s were bought from Pat Burns of When I started dealing with her, all of the rifles came with a sling. By the time I bought the fourth one that was no longer the deal. I emailed Pat and asked that since I was a pretty good customer, couldn't she throw in a sling "for old times sake". She replied that she would take care of it. When the rifle arrived, I noticed that the shipping charges had been increased by $5. She sent a sling, but still managed to get something for it. It's hard to get ahead of a shrewd old Yankee businesswoman!

From left to right (or top to bottom)

1934 Tikka M27. I bought this from a man on Gunboards. I had had it for a while before I realized that he had misrepresented the rifle a bit. Still, it's a good shooter and looks okay I guess.

1942 VKT M39, SA marked with the "D" chamber. One interesting note about it; someone (perhaps a soldier?) has rubbed the shape of a cross through the bluing, on both sides of the barrel, just behind the front sights.

1943 SakoM39, Sk.Y and SA marked.

1944 Sako M39, also SA marked.

1970 "no maker" M39. The was the first rifle I bought from Pat Burns. It is built on a 1895 receiver and thus an antique. It was basically a brand new rifle otherwise.

I do believe the M39s are my favorite mil-surp bolt rifles. There is just something so robust and solid about them, not to mention their interesting history. Holding one, you get a real sense that this is a "man's" rifle with no elegant frills but one designed for the hard work of war. But, that's just me...
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