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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
Wife and I slipped in for 2004 Le Tour De France Grande Depart from Liège in 2004 but when following Le Tour doesn't matter what country you might spend a day or a few hours in, the view from the parade of press Corp vehicles is the same except for terrain. It's either flat or mountains. My question is with liberal immigration are all the major cities taken over by Muslim immigrants? In France we abandoned cities our last couple trips and final trip was so bad wife says doesn't want to go back but with 2019 stage one starting on the cobbles in Bruxelles and day two being a time trial around Bruxelles am very interested in coming across to catch beginning of Le Tour, do some travelling then go catch a few stages in the Alps. We need to watch where we go in Bruxelles or you going to lock down the city for us tourists.
Belgium is doing fine.
Yes there are parts of the city that aren't good news, but every major city will have a crimecorner.

99% is good to go and good to be there.
Stay away from "Calais" in France, many migrants are agressive and desperatly trying to get across the channel.

In my town, i fear not a single street...
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