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That link reminded me of something that driven me nuts for years. The Bradley M231 Firing Port Weapon I know was a dismal failure in combat compared to other weapons systems that could be bolted to the vehicle. They installed a gazillion of these ports in Bradley fighting vehicles and then pulled all of them out and discontinued the system. A Form 4 transferable M231 pushes six figures but I want a couple or four of the ports. Machining the adapter to fit on forearm of an AR 15 would not be terribly hard and seen a few M231 clones. What I want is to install at least two preferably four ports in exterior walls of my house at some of my bullet resistant windows that have ballistic fiberglass around them.

Would give ability to lock an AR into the articulating port and firing from house without exposing yourself at all. Would not even have to open shutters but aim using my video surveillance cameras. Shove a beta mag with every third or fifth round a tracer in a rifle with binary trigger and the port adapter and aim using tracers and discourage any zombies lurking about. Since the Army discontinued the ports in Bradleys have kept an eye out for a few and never seen one out in the wild.

They either threw away or surplused thousands of the ports. When parts like that are taken off the service guys don't roll into scrap barrel they sell them at pawn shops, online and to private armor collectors who are the ones that run the few M231's that come to market prices to the moon. I swear if can put my hands on some first place they go is to machine shop to make an adapter for some basic binary AR builds with burly barrels then bolted to side of the house in manner not too obvious. Someone goes to kicking on door just twist till locks and put a mag dump on them. Yes, I am loopy. When saw first one on a Bradley while in ROTC was first thing I thought, that would be slick if not mounted next to front door right in middle of it under the peep hole.
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