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My latest additions to the collection are a couple of Ruger RAR's (Ruger American Rimfire) in .22LR, and the long-awaited FAL .22 Conversion Kit from Kurbelgehause. Both of the RAR's have threaded muzzles, which is nice because last month the tax stamp for my Gemtech GM-22 suppressor came back from the ATF, so now I have a use for the threaded muzzles.

This whole thread started out as a static post, and seems to have turned into a dynamic post because I keep managing to acquire more .22 rifles, which I really didn't intend to do when I started the post. But I have now reached the point where if I buy any more rifles of ANY calber, I need to get another gun safe, and that creates even more logistical problems, as in Where Do I Put Another Gun Safe? So maybe this will be more of a static post for a while. I hope. Wish me luck.
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