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Set has sold L1A1 complete wood funiture set for sale.

Set has sold pending funds
Thanks everyone for looking.

While building my new shop, was able to pick up a few more sets of regular wood handguards and here is the first set of wood offered from that pick up.
Have not had any for a long time and did not believe they were any more for pick up.

Butt stock is a SLAZ marked N normal length in excellent as presented condition.
No cracks or major repair work needed.

Pistol grip is in very good condition, no cracks or chips, no major repair work needed.

Hand guards in very good condition, had the standard micro inside cracks etc, all resolved now, as well as needing some new wood on nose around screw holes, which again is normal for this old wood.

Set is an excellent color and shade match, walnut color with lighter high lites in all pieces.

Overall one very nice set of regular wood hand guard set.

Set comes with, but not shown in photos, as normal for these sets;
Butt plate
Butt plate screws upper and lower
Swing swivel
Tang screw
Hand guard screw

Price is 160.00 shipped

Post here ya want set first, then PM me for payment details, will take money orders, Pay pal, etc.

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