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The parts of the body were arguing about who should be in charge.
The brain said,"I should be in charge because I do all the thinking for the body."
The eyes said," I should be in charge, because the body needs me to see where its going."
The ears said," I should be in charge because the body needs to hear everything that's going on."
The mouth said,"I should be in charge because I do all the speaking for the body."
The stomach said,"I should be in charge because I process all the food the body eats to stay alive."
The asshole didn't agree with any of this shit, so he just got mad, clammed up and said nothing.
After three days of the asshole staying shut, the brain's thinking was haphazard at best. The eyes' vision became blurry. The ears' hearing became fuzzy. The mouth became parched. The stomach was full up and in great discomfort. They begged the asshole,"Please open up, we promise that you can be the boss!"
And he did, proving that one doesn't need to think well, see well, listen well, or speak well to be a boss, just be an asshole.
“He should be torn into itty bitty pieces and then buried alive!” Hanover Fiste in “Heavy Metal”
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