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Rich , Spent the last 3 - 4 hours of Saturday with Frank. He still had a bunch of the gerber tools left. The bolts piled on tables throughout the show were very well used to flat new. So many bolts... jeez near as many as people in attendance. For the most part the show was a bust. Noticeably they fired a lot less frequently and less traffic. With the $15 fee to get in it's almost borderline worth not going unless I was going to load up on reloading components.

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Did you stop and see Frank ? Did he tell ya i was there Friday & saturday . I stopped and got a few Gerber tools from him friday on the way home . And again Saturday .

All the Colt M4's & BCG were junk this time of the year , The spring rotation is the best to buy them .

Micro Galil SBR $2200 / 8.5'' OG barrel = Cheap ?

Bulgarian Krinkvo SBR $2000 = Cheap ?

AK47 F/A $18K - $22K - Kinda high my opinion ?

a few wasr-10 $600 and up

SKS all over the place Friday & saturday $400 & up

Colt Commando F/A 11.5'' $10.5K and up /

Lot's of Chinese AK's $900 & up . One guy had a 86s bullpup = $4000 NIB

lot's of Fal 1K and up .

Got a good deal at Cmmg 22lr upper kit $150 couldn't pass that one up
upper , shorty barrel , BCG , 1-25rd. magazine
Will be test firing monday morning

Met up with a lot of old friend's , and new forum guy's ,
akfiles , fal/files , ar15 , theakforum , UZITALK , and one calgunner .
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