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A guy was walking around before the public gets in selling milk crates of colt M16 bolt groups for $45 each. I got there Saturday 9 am and left at 4pm. Seemed a lot of vendors still had prices stuck on stupid. Only thing I saw I wanted was a GDR E-tool. Now my son found a brit current issue helmet with cover , some brit 24hr rations , gangster grip with bipod .
One ammo dealer I usually buy 50 round boxes of 22 tracer from for $20 - $25 each had repacked his 22 tracer in 10 round Ziploc baggies for $1 a round...what gives there ?. Seemed like a good amount of components for reloading so I need to get back into reloading and replace all the gear I lost in the fire. It did seem thin on the dealers , crowd was light - likely the weather.
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