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Originally Posted by olgier View Post
bolt gun has the trigger as part of the receiver. (attached)

.50 upper has bolt, but no trigger assembly attached.

not sure how this could hold up in court
Don't think that's what's afoot here
I covered my view on this elsewhere on the Files, I'll elaborate on it some here:

I am rather certain the issue is that the upper submitted for Import review that led to this is likely magazine fed.

Here's the situation
The FAL lower is non regulated due to it not containing the magazine as an AR series firearm does. Basically what's probably happened is upon review ATFE has taken the position that magazine fed AR uppers cross the threshold and meet the test as defacto "firearms" due to this

In the past the Bureau see sawed on some weapons, the Armalite AR18 was one. On one hand the auto sear was attached to the upper so one school of thought was that was the firearm. This created serious consternation in the 90s when Numrich brought in a mess of 18s and was told to cut the uppers. A number of months later someone at the Bureau realized the screw up and got on Numrich to recall all the shipped kits. As such AR18 machingun recievers still turn up on auction cash and carry

Another weird one is the USAS12
in that case the lower is non regulated. It's about roughly similar to an AR lower except there is no mag well, just the magazine catch assembly so the upper became the defacto "firearm"

technically a single shot AR lower really don't pass the test for regulation. Thing is BATF had already established a standard on the model so that crossed over to the new single shot lowers

confusing huh'

Well it's not really

See the real problem is it wasn't an issue until some dipshit goober contacted the Bureau for an opinion and made it one.
No, this won't endanger most other uppers that retain the conventional layout. It MAY eventually hammer AR57 uppers that use the FN P90 magazines as well as Tactical Innovations AR180 upper that uses AM180 drums as both feed through the upper, not the lower.
Crazy thing is the AR180 uppers are all open bolt & designed only for use on NFA which likely means ATFE is just a pen stroke away from demanding forfiture of them as "unregistered" MGs

This is just my best guess as what led to this, not much info has been released.
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