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FWIW there's a gun-auction place down the road from our shop. I've been on their site a couple of time and things seem to sell pretty well. Their piece of the action is very reasonable - like 3% or so depending on the actual selling price of the gun. I think the site is actually
Good luck.
My partner and I are handling the disposition of a Class III estate (at the request of the local BATFE agent) and damn what a pain. I have personally inventoried and UNLOADED probably 350 various mags for the guns he had(every freakin' mag he had was loaded. And I've really learnd to HATE HK magazines...) So far we've moved about 70%of his guns, but there's another 250 + class I guns at his house and the widow is talking about having us handle those as well.
So far we probably have 100 hours into the job. Started in late May and still going.

My bad here. The site is and they get 18% for their trouble. Sorry for my confusion. OTH they do seem to sell their listings much faster than gunbroker.
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