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Had mine out to the range several times, sight is accurate with no mods needed. Ordered extra mags from Davidsons for $30/each. This rifle will cycle Remington subsonic ammo without issue. So far I have about 1200 rds thru it without issue.

I removed all the blocks from inside the crate and converted it to 22lr ammo storage.

When these first came out at SHOT, they said only the forst 1000 would have the wooden crates, after that, a cardboard box. I have not seen any packaging other than the pine box crate.

Hadnt considered scoping it, but that would let you see how accurate it can be.

I added the sling from IMA and put an AK cleaning kit in the top of the buttstock...

It sits on the rack between a WASR22 and a K98/22...

I think they should make one in 30 carbine caliber...
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