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Safn49's Eclipse Shoot 2017

Many thanks to Safn49 and Mrs. Safn49 for hosting the 2017 Eclipse Shoot. I don't think we could have spent the day with a nicer bunch of folks. It was a healthy dose of down to earth Americana. Abundant conversation about our lives, hope's, and dreams, mixed with shooting filled the day. Our position for the eclipse was perfect. Looking through our cheap protective glasses at this natural marvel was really quite extraordinary.

Of special note, one of the participants was a middle-aged couple and their 3 kids. The father, was a level headed police officer. His spouse, was obviously a devoted wife and mother. Surprise!!!!!!!Their kids were as polite and decent as one could hope for. It's amazing how that works, isn't it??

Here's a couple of pictures. From left to right: Safn49, Invictus77, and myself.
(Faces obscured for opsec)

And another, with me flippin' the bird to the photographer,

These 2 guys and their wives are as easy to be around as apple pie.
Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful day. ~ss&
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