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BSA martini international mk2 butt stock

Hello all I've got an old martini international that needs a new butt stock. Some genius thought it would be a goood idea to lop off 2 1/2 inches and install a adjustable buttplate.Have parts for adjustable buttplate but I don't like it. Does anyone know of a place in good old USA that may have a stock floating around that they would sell or trade for. I know you can get them for places overseas like Great Britain,Germany& other but the prices over there are OUTRAGEOUS and it would cost a bunch. Then there's importing gun parts from another country BS don't even want to go there. Someone in the states has got to martini international parts.Also looking for scope blocks- Unertl or Lyman and the ten round ammo holder mount to the right side under the take down knob . Any&all information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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