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Originally posted by moses
I don't need to do a prepay to get things going, was just going to offer it here to the falfiles members so they would have a chance at the first run of mags.

I would not offer this until after the mags have been approved and thoroughly tested!

I appreciate the offers for testers, at this time I think I have that covered.

I would hope I will be using moses mags exclusively at the GA. FAL match May 7th, and I would also hope all testing and such will have long since been finished.

I plan on documenting tests on video, and most certainly will be doing some testing with a couple full auto FAL's we have at CMP Armory.

I will not release the mags until they are fully tested and meet all my stringent requirements.

I plan on offering a limited lifetime guarantee on my moses mags.
So no one should have any worries.
Now that gives me a warm fuzzy!

With that offer, I'd be willing to pre-pay for two mags.

Thanks moses!!!
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