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Tristar/Canick C100 - Need Help Finding a Laser Grip

I recently purchased a Tristar C100 which is a close copy of the CZ75 compact in 9mm for my wife.

She has wanted a CZ75 compact for a long time, but they are not easy to find around here and the prices have really gone up over the years. All of the reviews for the C100 I have read are great and we found them on sale @wholesale for a little less than $340 so we bought 2, one for her and one as a first handgun for our 26 year old son.

With that said, my wife's vision has taken a beating in the past 1-2 years and she now struggles a bit to get a good "site picture." She still is able to hit "minute of bad guy" and is not unsafe with her ability to see while operating a handgun, but the site picture is a bit blurred.

I was planning to buy a laser grip from Crimson for her, but the CZ75B and CZ75 compact seem to have been discontinued.

Any help would be appreciated.

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