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In seven hours, three children will awaken excited for Christmas, and when they run downstairs they will see mommy crying and then they will remember that daddy isn't there. Repeat for 60 years.

They won't understand, until maybe much later, that the court system failed them. They won't know, until they are older, that society failed them. Only when they are older might they comprehend that our socio/political system killed their father.

It's been a tough night for me. Keeping tears hidden as best I could (failed miserably.) To make my kid's Christmas special when other kids won't have that. Ever.

My friends and support structure have left for the night. I'm on my own. I will fall asleep, and probably sleep well, only to awaken and remember the horror, and have to tough it out for my little one's joy.

I've had enough of this crap.
They will live a long time, these men of the South Pacific. They, like their victories, will be remembered as long as our generation lives. Longer and longer shadows will obscure them, until their Guadalcanal sounds distant on the ear like Shiloh and Valley Forge. --- Michener, Tales of the South Pacific

Tempus Edax Rerum
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