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Originally Posted by gunner30 View Post
picked mine up a couple of weeks ago and put a hundred or so rounds thru it. Funtionally it was fine, but to hit point of aim at 50 yds I had the sights cranked up to the "800 yd" setting. Anyone else have this issue. As long as I take that into account, everything else is fine
I got mine to the range last week and found the same problem with the sights. I haven't fine tuned the sight setting or tested it for accuracy, but it looks like you have to set the sights on 800 yards to get point of aim at 50 yards. Everything else worked fine. It's really a fun rifle to shoot, and doesn't seem to be ammo sensative. I ran 100 rounds of Federal Game Shock (40 grain) through mine without a hitch. As soon as I get the sights set properly I plan to take it to a steel challenge match and see how it handles.
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