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Originally Posted by kev View Post
It was kind of a joke. I haven't been there in probably ten years but I did start going in 1990? I think. Probably hit it twenty times over the years I did go and it was different, and slightly less each and every time. It got bigger. It got more crowded, but I always enjoyed going. I suppose I won't even recognize it if I make it down next month.

I go for the show and always avoid the line so couldn't really care less about the shoot anyhow. Place is dangerous if you ask me. The only time to shop the tent(barn)is while the line is hot and most of the jackballs are outside watching the noise.
I've been hit twice by shrapnel, once on the line and once at our booth "not hurt either time" and our truck was hit once hard enough to crack the windshield while parked behind our booth........I still have one of the pieces.....
We were just to the side of the building as you first come in....right next to Century's booth.
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