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Originally Posted by Hot-fal View Post
Whom can provide info on the Poly-tech rifle with the complete flashhider on the barrel? It is welded in place, it has the complete casting, minus the slots are not cut? I know the early imports had the barrels cut at the fh.. I just read here about some side marked and other marks on them.The rifle shoots very well, the stock is not pretty, there is not much wear, to show any usage...
Where're you from friend originally?

I have never seen a Polytech with a welded, fake flash hider.

As stated before, some had soft bolts that would open the headspace after many firings.

My polytech actually lost the wheel from the bolt during a range outing. I didn't notice until I field stripped it for cleaning. Have to check headspace with gauges periodically to insure it is still safe to fire.
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