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Originally Posted by 308/223shooter View Post
Thanks all. Some good advice to be sure.
I spoke with my little brother at length last night, we've agreed that due to the family being spread all over the bloody continent, we're going to skip a funeral and plant him next to his third missus, which is what he wanted.
This spring there'll be a "celebration of life" , the delay will give everyone a chance to make travel and financial plans. Being the oldest, I guess I'm required to attend, seems it's some kind of family tradition. We've no idea if there was a will, or insurance, or any other plan made for his internment. Guess we''ll find out when it's all done.
My only real consolation is, last year dad turned from his heathen ways and accepted the Lord, probably knowing he had little time remaining.
Sounds like the wisest choice.

Personally I always try to take the high road. Helps me sleep better.

Speaking of which, and related to this, reminds me of the story of going the extra mile. Lot of folks have little idea it's a Biblical reference when they use the phrase. For those that aren't familiar with the history if a Roman soldier encounter you along a road law was he could retain you to carry his gear, but only for 1 mile (a thousand paces at the time) and you were then released from the servitude. At that point he'd have to find someone else. He was in control. By carrying his gear another mile, voluntarily, YOU were in control at that point, and could choose to stop whenever you wish. By taking on the burden you took on the power.

If you truly are the outcast, and you do the work to make the memorial happen, you are the bearer of the power, and can sleep well knowing you went the extra mile to do what was right. What the rest of the family does with that is up to them. You will likely find most wounds do heal with time.

My condolences for your loss.
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