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It depends on the magazine.

When I carry my sub compact single stacks (XDS45 or .32NAA) in fancy clothes, I keep it right in my front left pocket. Very easy to grab. When I'm carrying my Glock 29 in my every day "summer" configuration, the gun is in a pocket holster in my right cargo pocket, and I have two Glock 20 mags in a fobus paddle carrier in my left cargo pocket (both snapped or Velcro'ed closed). The whole point behind the fobus is to keep the mags upright and oriented, as well as provide a smooth rounded comfortable surface against my thigh (hard square corners bumping against my leg while walking gets annoying fast).

The point of carrying two extra mags in this case is not because I feel I need 41 rounds on my person, but because balancing out weight on each side greatly increases comfort and reduces fatigue. I do the same with my shoulder rig (gun on one side, two mags on the other), and custom made myself a king-tuc rip off IWB dual carrier to offset the weight of my full rail all steel 10mm 1911 for winter months.

As an experiment, as I have not done a AIWB holster before...and I just happened to have a new FNX-45 that needed a holster, I decided to go an entirely different avenue and have this thing custom made with a mag right next to the gun essentially carried just above my pelvic bone. They say it's very comfortable....we'll see...

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