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Step 8 is the hard part. Determine your Locking Shoulder (LS) size. Check the size of the pin gauge determined in step 7. In my case it was a 0.262- gauge. I am also using Forstner headspace gauges, which measure 1.630 for the GO and 1.634 for the NO-GO giving a difference of 0.004. To put my headspace in the middle of the range, I would have to loosen the determined headspace by 0.002. Some folks here believe in setback, which means that the parts will "settle in" after firing the rifle and the clearances will get bigger. I too believe in setback and want to take it into account. So I will make my headspace about 0.001 tighter to counteract the setback.

Are we all confused now? It is really quite simple.

Pin gauge = 0.262
mid range = -0.002 looser
setback = +0.001 tighter

LS size = 0.261 in the mid-range
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