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Step 7 is to insert a pin gauge and determine if it is the correct size. Slowly close the B/C assembly while holding the pin gauge in the Locking Shoulder hole. If the B/C closes with no pressure, open the B/C, remove the pin and replace with one that is larger. Continue to repeat these steps until the B/C assembly will not close, or resistance is felt. When resistance is felt, or the B/C will not close, go the next SMALLER sized pin gauge and close the B/C assembly. If it closes, then that is the size to use.

There has been considerable discussion about 2-thumbs pressure, 1-thumb pressure, etc. The whole key to the correct size is that you DO NOT USE EXTREME FORCE to close the B/C assembly on the headspace gauge. I use about the same pressure on the B/C assembly as that used on the ammo while loading a magazine. If it takes more force than that, I go to a smaller size pin gauge.

EXPLANATION: While some have verified the above step by using the NO-GO gauge, I do not. I feel that by taking the B/C to the point of not shutting or shutting with extreme pressure and then backing off .001" pin gauge size, inserting a NO-GO gauge that is .004" larger is redundant. Others have gone to a .004 smaller pin then used the NO-GO gauge, again to verify their initial size determination. I do not use this method either because I feel that by using two different sizes of pins, the wrong pin sizes could be used to determine LS size, causing the headspace to be wrong. I try to keep my procedures in line with the K.I.S.S. principle.
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