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Originally Posted by Slaughter View Post
It has the features I'd normally put onto a standard Gov't Model - a lot like my Sig 1911 RCS (long story but I gotta move the Sig out of CA to Arizona Free State)

Springfield comes with full length recoil spring guide rod and I have never liked the idea of requiring a tool (Allen wrench in this case) to field strip. Some reviews also talk about it loosening after a few hundred rounds. A normal session for me is AT LEAST 200 rounds.

Any of you have experience with full-length guide rod and standard recoil spring on same gun to be able to compare? I want to ditch the full length guide rod and go back to standard Gov't type. It's a cheap retro-fit with Wilson's hardware.

Any reason I'll REGRET ditching the full length guide rod?
Not a one that I can think of. I had a 1911 set up with a full-length guide rod back in the late 80s, because they were supposed to be cool. First time I had to disassemble it away from home, that shxt went bye-bye.
This ain't New Zealand. Just saying.
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