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Originally Posted by brunop View Post
Can we get some feedback on which of these ^ events we want to shoot?

And after we get that feedback, can we get some volunteers?
I don't see Terry's "one shot in 5 second" game listed. I like that one

...and I will help wherever I can

Originally Posted by 4x401 View Post
Almost feels like we should be squatting naked in a sweat lodge together...
I thought I wanted to get out and meet the PNW crowd. Might be having second thoughts now tho????

Originally Posted by 12v71 View Post
Dude... Now I have to leave CV at home?
I gotta meet CV if I can make it that weekend. Can I go meet her while you all go squat naked together in the sweat lodge?

Originally Posted by Tuscan Raider View Post
Man, you have been drinking more than me.
Probably too true bro

Originally Posted by Tailback View Post
NFC championship.
A 9mm might expand
A 45 will never shrink
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