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45 acp threaded barrels for 1911's are reasonable. There is a company selling SIG factory threaded barrels for $89 but keeping under my hat unless someone asks via PM as trying to save up for more. Your 45 can should work decent with 40 and 9mm. Mine does. Have a dedicated 9mm can and had to buy a host for it when papers cleared. A SIG 2022 in clean used condition sells for $350, add threaded barrel and tall tritium sights and your $525 in it. Can buy a SIG Tacops TB 1911 for $750 street already set up for can. Love my Tacops with Hybrid can and my 2022 with Osprey. Always disliked 9mm till started using 147 grain ammo through the Osprey, now it goes everywhere with me in my briefcase. Still have pile of cans in BATFE jail but have hosts for them all waiting. It was the pistol cans sent me scrambling. Had 22 pistols with cans just nothing bigger than MAC 11's in 380 till now. The MAC cans are 380 but won't take 9mm what was told. They are a hoot to shoot. I need some more FAL tools, will buy some when get out of hospital if promise to spend my money on your suppressor host. Deal?
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