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Originally Posted by KoKodog View Post
given a choice I would prefer a suppressor on either for use from inside a vehicle, it just makes sense as a defensive role,
This week been carrying an 11.5" 5.56 SBR with suppressor and binary trigger as my backup rifle. When carry a dedicated suppressed rifle take the quick change rifle can out of brief case as do not generally need two suppressed rifles at any one time. If have any "most carried" second rifle it usually a 14.7" 6.8 spc II and always have a quick change can in my briefcase. That way if go in doctors office or anyplace will be out of sight of truck for long period of time the can goes with me as does the suppressed SIG and nobody ever asks about the briefcase.

I am a bit anal about leaving really nasty toys out of my sight for long. Past two days have either been in my parking lot with video surveillance of vehicles or on the road and always within a few steps so an SBR goes with as been working near shopping districts and industrial areas and it's crazy time just before Christmas so the binary with permanent can seems to be the spare rifle for the season.

Wife complains about weight usually when put a can on her rifles but discovered on her 5.7x28's can spin on an Osprey pistol can which is super light. Have another pair of cans waiting on forms in a new Trust and will have a 6.8 SBR along with a heavy duty can for my binary AR 10 as don't want to steal cans of my big turn bolts. Once a person gets used to suppressors it's hard to go back.
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