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Truck Rifles

As mentioned before am a freak for truck rifles and wife has seen the light. Used to always carry a tactical shotgun due to versatility but only way to maximize that is to swap chokes so rifled choke helps with slug accuracy and then proper choke for shot size and distance. Since seldom knew what situation would be facing ended up with an Improved Cylinder choke as the jack-of-all-trades. Patterned fine with buck, small shot went everywhere and slugs knuckle balled at some point so became a truck rifle guy.

All short cab trucks have a lock behind the seat or under rear seat of bigger trucks. Also have a cable lock hard mounted under front passenger seat and pull out if need to lock up a second rifle if sitting up front or can lock rifle on rear floorboard. Wife has has always had a handgun since before day I met her as noticed she had a small wheelgun in pocket of her overalls day we met. Whenever we traveled together in her truck I would place a rifle in lock but if I was not along she felt handgun was enough. About a year ago she finally told me wanted to keep a rifle in her truck full time.

Some of her friends and relatives seem to have trouble getting their minds around a rifle in lock under back seat but last year's California deal, Paris the year before and New York were making it more plausible. The guys who dealt with Texas truck shooter seems to have healped others understand our reasoning when someone asks her why a rifle in lock behind seat of her truck.

Lately she has been carrying Mini 14's rather than her 5.728 AR's. She went to Gwinnett County yesterday and went to pull a mini out of the pile for her truck on her own. This morning noticed instead of the Ranch Rifle in 6.8 or GB Factory Folder she had unnoticed to her grabbed the AC556. Asked her why and she was unaware had taken a select fire weapon just chose it because it was short. (12.5" barrel plus flash hider) Had to explain to her it was fine but had to take one of the folders with copies of Trust information and copies of tax forms. Have several binders with full copies of both Trusts and all tax forms and inventory sheets so no matter what's in truck have correct papers. I have sets of all in my briefcase that goes with me daily. Pulled the AC556 and replaced with a stainless Ranch Rifle.

As left house this morning knew the Flaming Pig was in lock behind seat of my truck. 12.5" W.O.A. barrel with Noveske Flaming Pig muzzle device that comes up to 16.15" with C-More and cowitnesses with iron sights. Route today put me in some odd industrial areas and on a piece of property have permission to shoot and wanted to verify the Vortex red dot on one of the binary 5.56 SBR's.

The industrial park I worked is totally undeveloped with zero lots sold in two years so selling agencies were flipping. As rolled into far end where cul-de-sac ended the road was two cars sitting side by side with drivers windows facing each other. Payed them little attention as was lunchtime and see people all the time using yet undeveloped industrial parks and subdivisions to walk, jog or ride bikes. Grabbed ladder and was taking down sign when five cop vehicles came in hot and four surrounded to two cars. Cops got out of all along with a dog they walked around the cars which went bonkers. Turned out guys were smoking weed as made a transaction.

Cop that stopped at my truck said no worries, they were not really interested in me as had been watching one of the cars using that location for some time. They did walk the dog around my truck and since door was open saw the binary rifle with suppressor and plate carrier with rifle plates. We talked and once they packaged their perps and the two cars waited on impound guys pulled the binary rifle out and they didn't quite understand what a binary trigger was. Showed them a video on phone of it running and they were totally stunned that needed a stamp for the can but not the trigger.

When told them had a suprise in my briefcase and retrieved the SIG with Osprey can on it, combined with SIG on belt they asked why so many guns. Said because it was a cold cruel world and what if the two guys doing to dope deal had freaked on me just pulling up to work on a few signs and told them about a few odd instances had found myself in over recent years. They asked how many stops I made a day and agreed, five to ten stops per day, three or four days per week over 30 years was high odds of a bad day. Then mentioned guys in Texas and that I could not be parked across street from a church, hear weapons fire, see bodies falling and let it slide, not wired like that. Thus the level 3 multi hit plate carrier and rifle. Not getting in a fight with a handgun unless only choice so rifle walks out the door every morning. The best part was they helped me load all three signs had to remove around cul-de-sac in truck. Nothing better than a couple free helpers.

Never mentioned the Flaming Pig in lock behind seat or 44 special under seat and they never asked what all the speed loaders in console were for. Wonder what percentage of Files folk carry a truck rifle?
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