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I will keep you in the loop on the development of our device - one more design tweak to correct the angle of the transitional arm and to round out the angles of the trigger guard catch arm's finger contact point and then will be ready to roll.
Thank you for the legal heads up - my riFAL is definitely semi-automatic only.
I'll head on over to DSA to have a look - do you happen to have one of these hooked selectors for sale?

A question for those Filers who are interested - should these be steel or aluminum?
I would think steel and I was planning on making the parts out of 1020 or 1520 steel, however I've had some (admittedly non-FAL people) recommend making them out of aluminum.
What does the cognoscenti around these parts have to say about this - steel or aluminum?

BTW real nice 50.63 you have for sale - best of luck with the sale.

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