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Finally (sort of) getting caught up at work and at home. Just in time to take off next weekend for Bruce's match

RC was a blast. Like I told Matt, I totally loved the two day format. RNGs are usually travel, sleep, run, sleep, travel and it goes by in such a blur. This still went by super fast (as most fun things do) but at least it lingered a little longer!!

I decided to do combat class. I ran a boring AR (people were crushed that I didn't bring something cool and it made me feel awful) and my trusty XDM 9mm. To make weight I carried a ton of ammo and also cut a bunch of magazine-shaped 1/4" steel plates to carry in an additional mag pouch on my back.

I weigh between 125-130lbs depending on sushi and beer intake for the week. I took off with about 43 lbs each day, intending to shed about 6lbs in ammo/etc and leave a little buffer there just in case.

The 5k went okay for me. I really did not push the run like I should have. I was a little demoralized by the first hill after stage one and I think I beat myself up about the physical shape I was in. Plus I always feel crappy the first .5-1 mile.

My shooting was decent on day one. It was about an average effort for me. No major brain farts or malfunctions but wasn't setting the world on fire either. I passed the rifle VtAC with time to spare, but I did really get tripped up by the bottom ports. Had a hard time seeing what was going on shooting like that.

Cave stage was tricky! The targets were hard to see. For a couple I leaned across to brace on the wall and just shot one handed.

Long range went decent for me. I tried to shoot from kneeling first and should have just dropped to sitting which ate up some time.

The last pistol stage that Al/Daniel/Tiger were on went horrible for me. It took me forever to clean it on pistol (this should have been a hint...). Luckily made quick work of the plate rack with rifle to make up some time, but I was a little rattled by my crap performance.

5k Results - 1st in Ladies, 2/18 in Combat, 10/81 Overall. I vowed to come back harder for Sunday. I had plenty left in the tank when I came back and regretted not pushing harder. It's always a mental block for me because I am kind of a lazy runner.


Sunday....Sunday did not go so well, it was a fight the whole day. Running wise I felt better, because I'm more of an endurance person than a sprinter anyway. But I was disappointed to make the same mistakes shooting wise as I did the first day. It was a big advantage to have already shot 5 of the stages but eh, I don't know. I just did not see the improvement I was hoping for.

Things really started going downhill (and not the good kind) after the cave stage. I shot that stage incredibly slow and deliberate so I wouldn't have any misses. They called one FTN and I was kind of shocked...I figured, oh well, I literally did the best I could and it is what it is.

I got to the slack line and was a little worried. I'd done it with a rope before but was unable to get on top of the trailer strap I practiced on with all of my gear. I kept getting bucked off of it when I jumped. I ended up shimmying up the tree and getting on that way, which worked. I was super tired by then and really underestimated how hard it was with all that gear too. I made it across, but it took forever!

I was excited to get to the stage 4 10k because long range is usually my thing. Made the first shots on the rock ok. Went over to the jack thingy and could not make the 300 yard hits...uhhh. My rifle is really light and has a pencil barrel. It does fine for the first 5-7 shots but I'm finding out that it does not like to stretch past 200 when it gets warmed up. So the more I missed at 300 the worse it was. I left those and moved to the last station (logs, prone). On top of missing the 300's AGAIN I also had three failure to feeds that I had to drop the mag/tap/rack/etc. I left that stage with my tail between my legs.

Got under the barbed wire crawl and tangled my hair, LOL. I got my hair cut today and my stylist goes, "you know you are missing a chunk back here?" ahahahahahaha. I said I left it in KY.

I met Rusty and started to shoot. It was taking....a really long time for those strong and weak hand targets to come down. I was a little demoralized because I practiced that a LOT. And dry fired and dry fired and dry fired until I was sick of it. I could not figure it out. Things went further south at the pistol VTAC board when I DNF'd after one shot.

What in the absolute @#$(&!??? I mean I'm not a pistol slayer but nothing there was out of my realm. I left four pieces of steel up, three of which I could throw a rock and freaking hit.

I was really, really discouraged at this point. I am not a particularly emotional person. I cry about once a year in the shower when no one is around. And let me tell you folks...I was damn near on the verge of tears of this ensuing shit show. We all put so much time and training into this and I could just feel my standings slipping away right through my fingers.

Three things saved me from this point on.

1. As I was adjusting my rifle for the run back I saw the bible verse I have written on the stock which was a strong reminder of not getting overwhelmed (joshua 1:9)

2. On the way to KY I listened to the book Chasing Excellence, which I would HIGHLY recommend to other RNG'ers. It very much stresses that after you spend a few mins analyzing a bad performance, you have to leave it there and move on before it ruins the rest of your day.

(the third thing comes later)

At this point I decided it was time to stop being a little bitch and move on. I retied my hair bow and took off. I did have some nice fire running up that hill being as mad as I was.

So then 3). I get to the long range stage. I told Louis I needed a hug because I was having a bad day He obliges and it seals the deal, I'm done worrying about what happened.

Then I shot my best stage of the weekend and had a stage win out of 72 people. This undoubtedly saved me from falling too far down the ranks.

I trot down to the last pistol stage that I flopped the day before. I sit down and very. deliberately. start shooting. NOTHING. Ok, what the heck. On the clock I drop the mag/clear the pistol and start inspecting it, and find that my rear site is's completely loose, oh and has shifted about 1/8" to the right. FFS. Reload, hold 4" left of everything I want to hit and clean that stage.

I finished the final run back to the lodge. I was still annoyed at the equipment failure, but I definitely felt better to know it wasn't all me!!

10k Results - 1st in Ladies, 4/24 in Combat, 20/72 Overall.

15k Results - 2/6 in Combat, 7/24 Overall.

So, I dunno. I wasn't thrilled about how I performed but it can't always be our day. As always, I had SUCH a great time seeing all of my FALfiles BFFs. Matt put on an incredible match. I know it's a ton of work to put together something of that magnitude and I'm super appreciative. Here's some pics.

Obviously if you don't paint your nails you ain't nothin'... in honor of St Paddys Day!!

Ow, my knees afterwards

The awesome pics are courtesy of Matt's wife Lisa Stennett, the crappy pics are mine

And the video of my suffering over the slack line is courtesy of TxGunDawg

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