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As for my AAR- holy shit. Tough course. I ran "Combat Class" which required the competitor to complete the race carrying 25%+ of their body weight. I stepped off the start line at 230 pounds, finished at 218 pounds, for 28% of body weight. Came in 2nd in combat class behind a guy who is in much better physical condition than myself, and out shot me on 4 stages too.

The running can be summed up by saying if it wasn't downhill, it was uphill. There were a few flat spots here and there, but for the most part it was elevation changes.

The obstacles made everything, including gear management, just a little harder. Low crawls under barb wire forced me to drop pack and drag it. Slack line was cussed by every competitor. Even something as simple as the A-frame climb was tough considering it was about 7K into the race and I was carrying 45 pounds of gear.

The shooting stages were not complex or complicated, but they were all a great test of marksmanship. Weak hand pistol is considerably more difficult when your heart is beating so hard it feels like it's coming out of your chest.

And since this is a gear thread- I'll cover mine briefly. I used the same Tactical Tailor chest rig that has accompanied me on 4 other run and guns now. I still love the thing. But, the position shooting with rifle made me realize I need to practice shooting more in it. Belt was the Volund Micro I got right before the last match. Love the belt too- stiffness is just like Goldilock's porridge- not too stiff, not to limp, just right. Only issue I had regarding the belt was wearing my pack too low- where the pack pressed against the belt and my dump pouch, I have a sore spot. This is as much a dump pouch location problem as anything, but I don't have anywhere else to mount the dump pouch. I lost a glove along the way too- I need to get a small carabiner to mount on my belt to keep up with my shit.

Matt- I think it bears repeating in public, excellent event all the way around.

Photos by Lisa Stennett-

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