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I am physically ill over this and I cannot express to you how sorry I am, but I found a fairly major error in the scores this afternoon. The short explanation is that my spreadsheet that calculates net run time did not take into account the wait times on Stage 6 and 7. This was 100% my error and the lovely ladies helping me do the scoring were not at fault at all.

While I was correcting this error I also improved the accuracy of the net run time calculations to include partial minutes instead of rounding off to the nearest whole minute. Some of the scores were close enough that this mattered.

Unfortunately, this changes three of the trophies I handed out yesterday. Logan Dudley was the true 1st Place Race Class winner and Greg Reynolds should have been
2nd Place Race Class. Trevor Saunders was the true 1st Place Combat Class.

Logan, Greg, and Trevor - I'll have new trophy glasses made and ship them to you if you'll email me your addresses.

Bryan Ray, Logan, and Greg - please keep the trophy glasses I already gave in error with my sincere apologies for the mistake.

Top Grunt and Top Amazon results did not change. 5k Results did not change.

Again, I can't express how sorry I am for this mistake and will do my best to be sure it (and the faulty scale SNAFU) never happens again. Please do look over your scores and don't hesitate to let me know if anything else doesn't look right. "Stage 8" in Practiscore is your net run time in minutes (NOT "seconds" like it says). The other stages should be fairly self-explanatory.

5k Results are here:

10k Results are here:

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