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Originally Posted by bubbagump View Post
Good one Steve. Yeah, that's why I'm a mutual fund kinda guy, who has time indeed? There are some good fund managers but mutual funds are kinda like buying a bike. What you're really buying is the store. Fund ain't performing? Get rid of it, get a management team that is performing because they're out there and nobody has time to waste waiting for old yeller to learn new tricks. Fido has some good ones but most of 'em do. And to that I do not understand why some folks prefer sector funds, all they do is tie the manager's hands by forcing him to buy health care, heavy equipment or financials. Hell if it makes money he can invest in peanut butter futures for all I care. I don't give a rip what path the earnings take to get here as long as they show up.

They called me today and set-up a telecon for tomorrow afternoon.

Should be interesting conversation considering the market correction today and the FACT that all my bond investments that they told me to get into were either flat or negative as a result of this correction.

This UP market is BS and inflated by the after-effects of QE several years ago not to mention the pent-up savings as a result of the last administration's policies.
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