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Originally Posted by Bama Steve View Post
At the top of a market, or so I am told (yet I don't much listen, because I am old).
Is to get into cash and wait for a crash
Then buy undervalued stocks then sit on your ass
For years and years you wait for a gain
And then once you spot it, do it again.
We 'invest' in the market not for pleasure or pain
But to secure our future but it is all so in vein
for the market is controlled by those we know not
and this Ponzi scheme requires that someone gets shot
Will it be you or will it be, I?
I'd like to retire, before I die
And leave to my brother(s) that which I had saved
And toss my ashes on ground loved instead of a grave.

Bama Steve.

I sent that ^^^^^^ to my Fidelity financial advisors who sit on their asses and take our money for a paycheck - and axed them who has time to manage these financial decisions while making the money that they live-upon.

I stated that THEY are the only ones with the time to do so - get on it.

This is your full time job!!


They either work for us or need to be fired.

Being dyslexic has a bright side - it's easy to put things back together
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