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Finally getting close enough to being done to post some pictures.
Here's what I'm hoping is starting to look like a Cuban. There are still a number of parts I'm not sure about, carry handle, gas regulator, swivels, mag latch, bho, etc. It started life as one of the Sarco kits, & a Coonan upper. You'll see in the picture the locking shoulder wasn't in it yet, but I've since gotten one from Brad at GunThings, where the stock came from as well. The CH assem. is from DSA (how the ATF calls it an Op. Rod I'll never understand) will sooner or later have a different knob, probably an aluminum. Ultimately I'm thinking wood hand guards. The PG isn't original, the one that was on it had a big divot on the bottom, so I put this one that is cleaning kit cut on it for now.
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