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Cool Blue Monster Labs has reopened, for the summer!

Folks I am no longer taking orders.
I have two paid orders to finish and will not be taking anymore.

The fact that I have two orders both near done on my bench and haven't been able to finish them is why I'm shutting down.

Due to family illnesses I'm just too busy to do much other than sleep and work two jobs. And that sleep thing only comes in tiny bites.

GPC and Phil's are on my bench and near done, I should have them done very soon, unless someone puts yet another road block in my way.
And Bill, I will find that blank for you (PM's are forthcoming to all)!

My wife's illness continues and I now have some issues that need attention.

Will I re-open?
Doubtful, other than to cut something for an old friend.
I've been doing this work for also 20 years, and between a bad ticker and bad eyes, it just don't excite me enough to continue to do custom work for reasonable prices. (That, and I'm going blind)
Maybe in a few years when I retire and I've trained a replacement cat herder, get the eyes burned... who knows.

So: Yes, BML is closed, I killed my site and to repeat: I am no longer taking orders, Blue Monster Labs has closed.

Thoroughly enjoyed pretty much all of my dealings here, the posts, conversations, information, Pals I have made and the general awesome exchange of knowledge.

Richard Collins
General Manager Fantasy's
Da mihi cibus, da mi ignis, da mihi, quod cupio!

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