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Thanks for the kind words and encouragement all... Just got back from a road trip out to Wyoming! What an awesome state - so nice being out in free America even if just for a short while, but alas I'm back behind the Iron Kurtain again.... Thank you Bigstick61 for covering the bases in my absence. Work on the FALMR is ongoing...

Originally Posted by Parga View Post
Looks great, did SA Graham call you back?
Hey Parga - No I called and left SA Graham a VM - was not too surprised that he never returned my call though lol... I have to admit that it was viscerally unsettling and counterintuitive to the OpSec ethos to try and get on a DOJ SA's radar screen...
Thank you for trying to put me in contact with him....

Originally Posted by Pappy View Post
Interesting concept Macho, what is your projected price point on this device?
Pappy - We are still in development and should have opur price point established shortly.
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