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Originally Posted by 4markk View Post
Is it all one piece? Or is the lock attached to standard metric mag release lever?

To meet the definition of the law, the lock cannot be removed without opening the action.

So if it is two pieces the lock must be "permanently" attached to release lever.

Whether one piece or two piece, it can still be removed by removing the screw that holds it onto the receiver. So again, the lock can be released without opening the action.

I love the idea, but I don't think it would meet the definition of the law.
The two of us hashed this all out. The original idea is Macho Hambre's release. It is indeed one-piece and that version is not the final version. It replaces the original magazine catch entirely.

Upon reading the language of the law and regulations, and some discussion here and on Calguns, I figured out a way to retain the trigger guard such that trigger guard cannot be removed without opening the action, otherwise the release could be defeated by removing the pistol grip and then the trigger guard. Macho Hambre is having the prototype be made soon. He came up with the idea to make the rear like on the early trigger guards to allow for the trigger spring plunger to provide extra support. The final version will likely be alloy to reduce costs.

The final issue I found was that the device could also be defeated by removing it. So we both came up with different ideas to deal with this. Mine involves a plate that attaches to the lower and requires removing the trigger guard for removal, which in turn requires opening or separating the action. His is simpler to make and we will most likely be going with his idea, which is to attach a plate permanently to the magazine intended to be used with this system. In the former case closing the action, and in the latter case installing the magazine, causes the plate to block access to the head of the magazine catch pivot screw, preventing removal. In the latter case, it may be legally inadvisable to close the action without a magazine installed since the magazine catch would be in a potentially removable state with the action closed.

It was mentioned in the OP, and should again be noted that a magazine cannot be inserted into the mag well with the action closed and lock into place or be manually positioned to where it can feed. The catch cannot actuate in any meaningful way with the action closed.

This system is not meant to be used for purposes of reloading, but to allow for removal of the magazine for cleaning, maintenance, repair, etc., and provide a means of fixing the mag to the letter of the law and regulations in CA which can be readily reversed in free America and does not require any permanent or lasting modifications to any major part. Ideally, a proper ten-rounder or a blocked magazine that is blocked in a manner that allows for removal of the internals should be used to help rectify certain types of stoppages. If you decide you want to reload with magazines anyways, I'd suggest using an Inch BHO so that you don't accidentally try to open the action with the rat tail still in the recoil tube or with a bunch of tension on the para recoil spring.

For reloading it is recommended that a charger guide top cover be installed for ease of loading individual cartridges or loading with chargers. For paras, this means using a scope mount with a charger guide, although someone posted a para cover the other day that had been cut down to a similar length as the charger guide covers, although it lacked a guide.
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