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Originally Posted by brunop View Post
Hey, Otis -

Saturday Morning is 4x401's slot for the Drop 15. He usually starts it at 8:30 or so. Friday morning is Tuscan's Handgun event, and we do that in that slot by tradition, and because we were starting the rifle stuff a bit later for guys who were not showing up Thursday evening or early Friday morning.

So my question is this: do you want to do it Saturday at 11:00AM/11:30AM - right after the Drop 15? It will be a better time than the afternoon when the wind is going a little bit more. We can shoot your thing in the late morning/noon-ish time, and then do the Moses Match (only 200 yards) in the windier conditions @ 2:00PM or so.

LMK. Thanks for doing it.
Yes this will work. Thank you.
And you're welcome. Happy to do it.

This is our thing!!!
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