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I'm loving this, folks. This is almost better than the election night coverage on CNN.
Every last one of these people involved is a screaming mouth frothing social democrat commie. A month ago at the Oscars, they performed a full evening of Trump Hatefest for the entire Nation, pointing the bony finger of shame at conservatives in this Nation, and yet, so far, every single one caught up in this has either been guilty of rape or blackmail, guilty of covering up rape, or guilty of whoring themselves out to the Boss in hope of a future payday and fleeting fame.

They are being dragged through the mud, despite NNC, CNN, ABC,mand late nite television's refusal to cover it at all.
Hell, SNL refused to even mention it at all. Liberals protecting liberals. Hollywood and the Democratic Party are in to this up to their eyebrows.
Just imagine the coverage if Weibstein was a Republican, or if Wei seeing was Pres. Trump's best buddy since forever.....
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